Spring is springing

A struggle that people my age usually deal with when trying to develop their wardrobe is trying to find clothes that are both stylish and affordable, with a sprinkle of hype. The attraction of “hype” makes us value brand names over better suited clothing that compliments the rest of our wardrobe. This brings us to pay more for what we think looks good, instead of sticking to the basics of creating a good outfit. This balance, while seemingly daunting, is rather simple to execute.

Because of this, I plan on displaying how to pull off a complete outfit that has the look and style that is considered “hype” but for an affordable price. Breaking the bank to buy that Off-White t-shirt is not necessary. There are plenty of outlets to find clothes that will achieve the same look you want. In fact, an entire outfit can be made for the same cost of that t-shirt alone.

On this sunny spring day, I stepped out in the outfit above. This is actually one of my favorite outfits because the vest (one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe) I dug out of my old bin of clothes from middle school. I remember hating it when I was younger, but now it helps me add a pop to a lot of my outfits. Its brand is the Gap. You can find a vest like this at Gap Factory for as low as $15. The t-shirt is Enjoi, a skate company that I recognized from this game Skate I played on PlayStation 3 when I was younger. They have a lot of cool old pieces that can be found for disgustingly cheap online. I think I paid $13 with shipping for this shirt from Grailed, and I will definitely be getting another soon. The jeans are Zara. Pants that look good on my athletic build are usually difficult to find, but Zara is always relatively reliable. I got these pants last year for $40. The sneakers I found on Grailed a year or two ago and they’ve become one of my favorite sneakers. The navy and red accent colors on it actually goes well with the jeans, vest, and accent colors on my tee. The best part is they are super comfortable. Retail on these bad boys is about $180, but I found them for $100 shipped off Grailed. This brings the grand total of my outfit to $168. Not too bad considering the sneakers are by far the most expensive item. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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