I feel like Kanye

So I’m about to hit brunch with my sisters and thought I should show what I decided to wear. They told me I can’t wear sneakers to this place but not to overdo it, so I thought this was a perfect balance.

The polo is Ralph Lauren. I found it at a Buffalo Exchange in Boston for only $20. Buffalo Exchange is one of the best place to find fashion forward clothing for super cheap. Most of their items are actually $20. The corduroys are Levi’s; I found them in the clearance section on their website for $30 and love them. In my opinion, corduroys are a wardrobe necessity. They add a pop to your outfit and give those exhausted skinny jeans a break. One BIG suggestion I have is to wash them then air dry. If you dry them on too hot of a setting you’ll experience shrinkage. One of my favorite parts about corduroys is the way they are intended to fit. At ideal fit, they fall somewhere between straight leg and skinny. They fit comfortably around your legs without fitting tight like a pair of skinny jeans, while also being loose enough to fit as freely as straight leg/boot cut pants. Lastly the shoes are Clark’s desert boots. You can find these at a DSW or online for as low as about $90 in several colors. I have actually had these shoes for about 3 years and they still look good to this day. They’re a good semi formal shoe that can ad some class to most outfits. And the best part is they look better with use (up until a certain point) This brings my outfit to a grand total of only $140, with the most expensive item being one that will last you for a good while. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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