A New Addition

I usually try to dress relatively nice to either start or finish the week. Around this time, weather in Binghamton is unpredictable but generally chilly in the mid/low 40s in the morning and warms up to high 50s in the afternoon. Because of this, it is important that you figure out an outfit that keeps u warm in the morning, but does not leave you burning up when you get out of your afternoon class to a warm sun. The best suggestion I have is to practice layering! Layering allows you to bundle up in the mornings initial chill, then be able to remove a layer or two when necessary. Temperature in the 40s and 50s calls for sweaters/long sleeves, hoodies, and light jackets. Today I decided to go with an outfit that I actually have never worn before but might consider adding to my routine. 

The sweater and chinos are H&M. My mom has been shopping there since I was little, and they’ve always been a reliable place to find quality clothes for wholesale price. This sweater I got for $20 and the pants were actually handed down to me from my roommate. After looking on their website I noticed that you can get similar pants for as low as $20 too. What’s great about these is that they are still in great condition after having been worn for several months by him, and several by me. The button down is from Zara. I have actually had it for about 3 years or so. In my high school we had to wear a button down and tie every day, but this one looked weird with a tie and I never wore it. I realize now that this button down works best under a sweater. Zara men’s button downs retail at around $40. The New Balances are sneakers I have worn in a previous post and go for $180 at retail, but I got them on Grailed for $100. Luckily I have found a few listing for similar kicks at a more reasonable price.




(Someone please buy these, because they’re heat and I can’t fit them)

The bomber is a piece that I came across as I was leaving for school last year. The jacket was from my 5th grade football team and it somehow still fit me. It is a little small and I will probably give it to someone or sell it when it becomes unwearable. Until then, I will wear it until it no longer fits. Finding a good varsity jacket might seem daunting as prices for them could be a little steep. But here are some listings for similar jackets that achieve the same look:




The total I spent on this entire outfit comes out to $180 with the most expensive item being the sneakers. A pro tip that I would suggest is digging up old clothes to see what you might still have that could be trendy. Some of my favorite pieces come from clothes I dug up in my closet. There is nothing wrong with recycling clothes you forgot about. It saves money, and revamps your wardrobe free of cost. Does it get any better than that? If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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