Good Ol’ Reliables

My apologies for the lack of posts recently, the weather in Binghamton has been absolutely disgusting and has disallowed me from wearing clothes I am okay with getting dirty. But it occurred to me that I should still post what is good to wear when you want to dress relatively nice and comfortable in inclement weather while also having a complete look.

The essential element for bad weather outfit is a reliable pair of beater sneakers. Every wardrobe needs a pair of beaters. Beaters are a necessity when it is raining/sleeting/any inclement weather conditions. Beaters are comfortable, cheap, and you are okay with letting get dirty. The shoes I am wearing have been my beaters for the past year and a half. They’re a pair of leather Old-Skool vans. I have and always will own a pair of vans because they’re very comfortable, very affordable, and very reliable for beaters. These shoes come with a zipper on the side that makes them very easy to slip on and off when I need to head out of the house quickly. I found these brand new on eBay for only $40 including shipping. Vans retail at $60 but there is a plethora of options as they have made several color ways in their time. Primarily seen as a skate shoe, these are built for wear and tear. Another perk of vans is they clean easily. I usually take the laces out and throw these in the washing machine every so often and they come out looking close to new every time.

Some similar brands that make good beaters are converse, and keds. Another suggestion for ugly weather is wearing shades of brown, dark blue, or black for pants. These colors show minimal staining that might occur if you accidentally step in a little puddle or something. Light colors will show these little stains you want to avoid that could potentially ruin a good outfit. I hope this post was informative and you can find your reliable pair of beaters that will last a long while. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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