Snob style replication #1

To take a little spin on my routine outfit posts I decided to try replicating some looks I liked off of Highsnobietystyle’s Instagram page. They post a lot of the latest collaborations and collection drops from up and coming and popular brands, along with things called #snobshots which feature trendy and fashion forward outfits. A few weeks ago I saw this look and tried my best to replicate it with my wardrobe:

Here we see an A-COLD-WALL knit sweater with a white button-down shirt under it, as well as silver rings and neckwear to accent the outfit. This look is actually very easily achievable without having to break bank to get the exact same sweater, button down and jewelry. In my attempt at replicating this look, this is what I came up with:

So the sweater is Ralph Lauren, and I thrifted in Manhattan for only $19. It actually fit a lot baggier, which is what drew me to it, but after drying it once it shrunk significantly. Take note that some of your thrifted items, especially sweaters will shrink in the dryer. I would suggest air drying over night to preserve them in the condition you bought them. Instead of wearing a button down under the sweater I decided to wear a polo because the collar was far too wide to fit tight to the neck and replicate this fit exactly. The polo I am wearing is Ralph Lauren, but as you can see there is not any specific type of polo necessary to pull off this look when you can only see the collar. I bought this polo off of eBay for $45, but polos can be found at Uniqlo, H&M, and the Gap for $25 and under. The chain I am wearing has a ring on it. When I got this chain I received a lot of compliments on how heavy and good quality it was. Little do they know I bought it for $16 on Amazon lol. This brings the grand total of achieving this #snobshot look to only $85. Not too bad considering that ACW’s knit sweaters alone retail at more than $200.

With regards to the bottom half, these navy chinos were handmedowns from my roommate that he got from H&M. You can get pants from there for under $30. The sneakers are Nike Flyknit Trainers. I’ve been obsessed with these shoes since high school and finally found a pair in Carolina blue for only $67. I got them from StockX. You can find almost any sneaker you want on StockX completely dead stock in all sizes. I hope this was helpful. I plan on replicating more #snobshots when I see ones I think I can pull off. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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