This will be the last outfit I post of the semester as I just finished my junior year 🙃. The fit pics will be coming back when I come back home. This outfit I have never worn before, but is comprised of mostly pieces I have had for a good while but haven’t worn for some time or together.

When you download the Poshmark app they send users notifications that encourage you to buy and sell products on their site. One of these notifications states, “If you haven’t worn it in three months, list it” Sometimes there are pieces that you find yourself too attached to but have worn far too many times. In these situations instead of listing you can always recycle them. A time period like three months allows for you to make more additions to your wardrobe that compliment some of those overused clothes you still love.

In my case, these Doc Martens were the new addition. I got these as a gift about 2 months ago, and they have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I don’t wear them all that often for preservation purposes, but when I do, they always attract a lot of attention and add some flare to my outfit. The jean jacket, mustard tee, and black chinos have been a part of my wardrobe for at least 2 years. The chinos I bought from H&M for $20 and were used primarily when I had to dress formally for my summer job. The shirt is Think, a company started by a Syracuse student a few years back. The story behind me getting this tee is actually kind of interesting. One of my close friends said Frank Ocean is at his school friends Pop-up shop in the East Village. After hauling ass down there to not come across Frank, I noticed this kid actually had some cool merch. This shirt I bought along with another for $30. The jean jacket is Levi’s, easily one of the most reliable denim brands ever. I have been through several denim items from jackets, to pants, shorts and overalls, and the ones that last the longest are always the Levi’s. Although their website has jean jackets listed at $64.95, I just found this listing for the same jacket I am wearing for a steal.

The Docs Martens, although retailing between $120-160 can be found in similar colors and styles for $90 and under.

Another pro tip: get alternate color laces to match with accent colors on your boots along with some shirts, pants, outerwear or accessories you might have to match. Collectively this outfit will cost you about $168. Although a little on the steeper end, these pieces carry tremendous versatility that ends up making them worthwhile additions that will stay in your wardrobe for years. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I post about next!


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