Tips for Thrifting Triumph

As most of you know, the vast majority of my clothing I buy used. While I have primarily discussed resale websites I have neglected to discuss the other outlet by which I buy clothes: thrifting. I have learned that thrifting is a skill set. While some can walk into a Goodwill and find a multitude of beautiful pieces, others have difficulty even finding one. Because of this it only feels right that I share some tips on how to successfully thrift. When I say thrifting is a skill set, I speak in all seriousness. I have been to several thrift stores over the last 5-6 years and only recently learned how to shop in them. I have learned from trial and error how to approach entering a thrift store with hopes of success. From these attempts I have learned how to thrive thrifting and shop strategically. 

One misconception about thrift stores is that they are flooded with high end designer pieces for disgustingly cheap. While in some places you can definitely come across such items, it is not something that you will find at every thrift store. With this my first tip is do not go into a thrift store expecting to find designer or looking for designer! Doing so prevents you from seeing the value of another piece you might have grazed over with hopes of finding something you probably will not. 

My second tip is analyze your wardrobe prior to thrifting! Thrifting is a good way to inexpensively fill in the missing puzzle pieces of a complete wardrobe. Look at what clothing you have that does not really go with anything else you already own, and when you enter a thrift store, look for that complimentary item. Going into a thrift store knowing what compliments your clothing allows you to expand your search from one thing to many. When you have several ideas of what you’re looking for, the thrift store becomes less daunting. You will then peruse through each row of clothes and more will stand out because more will be on your checklist. The best thing about having more than one thing to look for is if you even find one thing you are successful; more than one, even better. 

One thing I learned that helped me become better at thrifting was focusing on color when I am looking for clothes. Good outfits are all about color coordination, not cost. You can have an outfit that costs $1000, but if it is not cohesive, I promise you are not fly. Because of this, it is important no matter how much you spend on clothes to make sure that they work well together. With this, tip number three is shop colors, not names or numbers! If you have a pair of pants that are black with a red stripe on the side, and you lack anything to go with them, look for a red shirt. Your favorite influencer wears a shirt similar to one you can find in a thrift store. Don’t buy into name brands and labels, color coordination and confidence is always the best outfit. 

My fourth and final thrift tip is NEVER SETTLE! In thrift stores you come across hundreds of thousands of clothing. If you find something you think you like but are not 100% sure of, do not bother with it. Thrifting is for the frugal fashionista, not the forced fashionista. We tend to want to purchase things we do not necessarily love just because it is cheap. Do not waste your money. On several occasions I have bought something from a thrift shop, thought I liked it, and proceeded to purchase it and not wear it once. Don’t make the mistakes I made. Don’t waste your money. Shop smart. I hope these tips help, and you find your steal! If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I wear next!


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