Big Yankee Guy

Since school has been back in full swing for about a month now, I felt like it was time to bring back my affordable outfit posts. October came with a drop in temperature and the MLB playoffs, so I had to break out this gem to shout out my hometown Yankees.

I love crewnecks because they can be used with great variety. A crewneck can be your go to lounge wear at home or the extra layer you wear when leaving in the morning to prevent yourself from feeling the autumn morning chill. A crewneck’s design can also make your outfit sync perfectly. This crewneck I got from Plato’s Closet for only $6! Plato’s Closet is a used clothing store chain whose locations can be found all over the country. Much of their clothing is less than $20. The white, blue and navy colors allow it to mesh well with the other shades of blue in the rest of my outfit. Similar crewnecks can be found for under $15 on many resale websites. See below for some similar low-priced crewnecks that I was able to find on Depop.

Below the sweater, I am wearing an old reliable blue Zara button down shirt. I bought it roughly three years ago and paid only $20. I have worn this shirt regularly for summer internships, interviews, presentations and other events that have a dress code. Since I consider this shirt work wear, I treat it with extra care. This attention has resulted in it lasting me for so long. This same type of outfit can be achieved with any color button down. The key is having the button down work well with the crewneck. The visible collar is one of the most important elements for the cohesion of the fit. If the colors did not work well then it would ruin the whole outfit. Please refer to my post, “A Guide to Affordable Workwear” to see similar button down listings.

The chain in lieu of a tie is a style I have frequented as of recently because I like stepping out of the box a little when it comes to my neckwear. A button down shirt is best complemented with a tie, but this outfit does not warrant one. Therefore a chain was a good alternative. This chain was only $16 on Amazon. I have realized that while it is great having paid so little for the chain, the quality matches the price. Unfortunately this chain has broken on me several times and required much adjustment. This has led to it becoming sort of a choker. I actually much prefer my neckwear to be close fit and I advocate for male chokers. This is a fad that I 100% see in our near future, and a topic I will actually be discussing in one of my next few posts. Be on the lookout for that. A similar chain can be found on Amazon in several lengths and thicknesses. This chain was originally 20 inches long and 3mm thick, but now it fits more like a 16 inch.

The bottoms are a pair of H&M blue denim that I bought for $20 as well. I bought these because my Zara jeans ripped not too long ago and were unfortunately unsalvageable. Cheap denim can be found at the Gap, H&M, and Zara for under $30, however higher quality denim brands like Levi’s and Lucky Brand usually have great sales too. Check out both online and in store sales to ensure you find the lowest price. However, I would suggest knowing your size in a company’s denim before making online purchases. Not all size 32s fit the same. Make sure that when taking the risk of buying pants online, you are aware of what size works best for you. See below for a few listings for cheap denim.

The boots you have seen many times already. These are my Doc Martens and easily one of the most versatile pairs of shoes I have owned. I find myself wanting to wear them more than most shoes, and they go very well with almost every pair of bottoms in my wardrobe. Boots like these work well with jeans, chinos, corduroys, slacks, etc. Retail for these is $120 but they can be found for as low as $90.

This brings the total price for this outfit to $182, with over 65% of the cost coming from the boots. Not too bad for an early fall fit. If you enjoyed this post or found it to be informative, please like it below. Don’t forget to follow me to see what I post about next!


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